We are pleased to invite selected directors to share and grow as part of the metamorphosis Fearless Evolution Experience

Validating innovation

expanding artistry

  • directors with youth dancers ages 10+ are invited to submit their work

  • Submissions for the October 18-20, 2019 event are open. Submission can be of a sample of previous work, if choreographer intends to create a new work for the Showcase. Solos and group works are welcome.

    Submissions Due August 10th, 2019

    Results will be emailed out by August 20th, 2019

    Submission Form

  • Dancers/Studios Who display innovation and fearless artistry will be Selected to Showcase their work

  • Upon selection, youth dancers will be invited to participate in the master class series, national ensemble, scholarship opportunities, and awards ceremony.

  • Choreographers of the selected work will have seminars and workshops throughout the experience at no additional cost to network and explore with other choreographers around the nation. Workshop topics will include:

    Training the whole dancer

    Instilling powerful vulnerability


    Community-minded performers-reaching new audiences

  • Selected directors and dancers will be invited to “The Collective Awards” Presented and sponsored by The United States Tournament of Dance and On Stage America.

  • Invitations will be given out by our Sponsorship Partners prior to the “The Collective Awards”. “The Collective Awards” will be awarded on the following categories in innovation and artistry:

    Fearless Artistry Award

    Fearless Innovation Award

    Creative Spacial Integration Award

    Dynamic Musicality Award

    Most Inspirational Impression Award


  • A complete "Oscar Style" awards night will provide studio director and guest with a private reception, red carpet event, and sponsored prizes!

  • Invitation for the Collective Contemporary Showcase and The Collective Contemporary Awards will be given out at a USTD/ OSA Regional event.